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„When orthopedists approach an orthopedic problem, research or clinical, they have to rely on their academic training: anatomy, physiology, surgery. Since they are associated with patients, they must be humanists wherein socio-economic and psychologic factors interplay. However abstract orthopedics may become, it is essentially human in its origin and growth. To achieve success, orthopedists must try to understand life as a whole. Many aspects of the speciality preclude its being called an art, although elements of art are contained in it."

Leroy S. Lavine, 1972

As Geneva is well known for the finest timepieces in the world, KneeCenter would like to give the same level of art in knee therapy in association with a team of different professionals.

This website will assist you in obtaining information about knee problems, both through the information we can provide to you and via links to other websites which we have selected for their effectiveness.

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